Well, week 3 happened and I officially finished the Ultimate Reset. Queue balloons and confetti and the whole bit. Honestly, I went to bed Sunday night and couldn’t sleep. It felt like Christmas! Not only was I excited to see my progress, but I also was thrilled to eat like a normal person again (not that vegan, grain-free people aren’t normal, but… they kind of aren’t).

Before we talk number results, let me recap week 3!

Week 3: Overview –

I WAS SICK OF ALL THE PREP BY WEEK 3. In weeks 1 and 2 I went by the meal guide 100%. In week 3 I was over it. I didn’t want to make all the recipes. I didn’t want to eat collard greens or kale. My portion sizes seemed to be smaller, so I knew I needed to just eat what I would enjoy. I used the “reset in a crunch” guide that comes with the Ultimate Reset Guide to help me out on days I didn’t feel 100%.

And that’s another thing… in weeks 1 and 2 I felt amazing. On top of the world. In week 3… I was grumpy, hungry, tired, etc. It was so frustrating because I felt SO GREAT for the first two weeks. It almost felt wrong!

The meal plan in week 3 was basically JUST fruits, veggies and healthy fats. Grains were removed, and BOY DID I FEEL IT. There was an option to add in a small grain snack (think brown rice, quinoa, etc.) and I definitely took advantage of it a few times. I also increased portion sizes on some of the meals throughout the week because I felt weak. I do not regret doing that at all.

In the final week we added a new supplement, Revitalize, which contains pre and pro-biotics to help get your digestive system back up and running at 100% now that I’ve cleanser the CRAP out of it (quite literally). It was in pill form and not hard to take at all.


The food was ok. It was pretty basic, but I did learn a few new ways to sautée and roast veggies that I really loved. For instance, curry powder has become one of my new favorite seasonings, and ginger is a great way to add some pizzazz to your veggies!


Overall, week 3 was pretty awful. I have to be honest… I was really happy to be done on Sunday. It took a lot of mental strength to make it through this week, but I was beyond ecstatic when I successfully completed the Ultimate Rest!


  • No caffeine and still going strong… WTF. Seriously.
  • Learning new ways to season healthy foods so you actually enjoy them. I also have a few new recipes to add to my arsenal.
  • I feel SO LEAN. No bloat. My clothes are lose! I can tell it’s working.
  • I am BEYOND regular. Like every day. On the dot. Regular.


  • If I’m stuck doing yoga only for one more day I might lose my mind. GIVE ME BURPEES OR GIVE ME DEATH.
  • Driving by my favorite sushi restaurant has me near tears. I miss it so much.
  • I want my 2-3 hour, once a week meal prep back
  • I am hangry so often… this has to be taxing on my relationship. Sorry hun!


Weight Lost: -13.6 lbs
L Arm: -0.5″
R Arm: -0.5″
Bust:  -1.5″
Waist (natural):  -1.5″
Waist (belly button):  -2″
Hips: -1.5″
L Thigh: -1.5″
R Thigh: -1.5″
L Calf: -0.5″
R: Calf: -0.25″
Body Fat: -3.2%




Overall, I AM SO HAPPY I DID THIS RESET. It was just what I needed to get over my plateau (I had been in the same spot for about 6 months), and helped me realize I am capable of far more than I think! I am recharged, feel great, and am ready to continue my journey!

If you are interested in the Ultimate Reset I would be happy to tell you more. Shoot me an email, or consider joining my All-Access accountability group so I can coach you on your own health and fitness journey! I open new spots monthly, so please fill out this application to get on the wait list! Xoxo!


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