Ultimate Reset: Week 2

OK! Week 2 is behind me. Only one week left to go. I felt amazing during week 2. ZERO cheats so far, and I have still not felt hungry or tired… maybe a little grouchy from time to time, but that could just be me! *insert resting B face*

before after

Week 1: Overview –

I started out week 2 by reviewing the meal plan and making a shopping list of everything I would need. It was nice to see some familiar ingredients on the list, and I wasn’t required to buy any odd items from specialty stores because I already had them (queue miso paste). I shopped and prepped what I could and was ready!

This week I determined I would stick with everything exactly as it was written in the meal guide, even though there were a few things on there I knew I didn’t love (swiss chard and collard greens). Long story short, it was a bad decision… I ended up making the recipes and eating barely any of it because I just couldn’t deal. Good to know for week 3 so I can sub something else for foods I definitely know I won’t like.

Again, meal prep was hard, and I relied on making my lunches ahead of time if I could (lots of salads this week), and went back to the daily dinner making which continued to leave me tired and OVER doing dishes.

This week we also added a new supplement, DETOX, to the mix. This is a powdered substance taking 3x per day and mixed with water. It had a gelatin like consistency, and actually tasted SUPER good. I looked forward to it. The chia seeds were what gave it the consistency, and it was combined with other items like milk thistle, turmeric, ginger and flax that help support liver and digestive functions.

I continued with my week 1 tactic of portioning out my supplements in my ipsy bag, and kept my alarms set on my phone to remind me when to supplement and eat throughout the day. No big changes to my time tables, just a switch-up in what I was taking.

I continued to enjoy the foods this week (with exception to some greens I was not into), but I wasn’t as jazzed on them as I was in week 1. There was one soup recipe that I died over a bit, it was AMAZING. I’ll be posting the recipe soon!


Overall, week 2 was still not awful. I continued to not have many cravings, BUT again the weekend proved to be a bit of a bummer. I REALLY miss going out to eat, and being social. It’s not fun to go to events where I literally can’t eat anything there. However, I did treat myself to a spa day on the weekend where I resisted wine (it was at a winery), and brought my food in my lunch bag to eat between services. Where there’s a will there’s a way!



  • I still feel GREAT without caffeine and I have more energy than I did before.
  • The food continues to be pretty amazing! I am loving fruit for breakfast, and haven’t grown tired of it yet.
  • I haven’t gotten hungry and don’t have any cravings!
  • I LOOK WAY BETTER ALREADY – check out my half-way progress pic at the top!
  • Hydrated AF


  • I REALLY MISS MY WORKOUTS! I am enjoying yoga, but I want my weights back in my life.
  • I miss champagne and having a cocktail on the weekend.
  • I am a bit of a shut-in now, because socializing over cocktails or food is a bit lame when you can’t indulge at all
  • The amount of dishes and prep continues to overwhelm. It’s a lot!

Onward we go to week 3, where I cut out a bit more protein and grains.
Veggies and fruit will be my new BFF!


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