Clean and Healthy Taco Bowls

Taco bowls or tacos are one of the EASIEST and QUICKEST recipes I have in my arsenal. My husband and one year old both love them, so it’s a great dinner option that will appeal to the whole family. They can also be clean and healthy if you make a few quick and easy swaps.

taco bowls

Healthy Swaps:

  • Swap ground turkey instead of ground beef. It’s lower in fat!
  • Toast tacos instead of frying – also use corn instead of flour.
  • Add flavor to your food with seasoning and fruit juice (limes in this case) instead of with cheese and sour cream.
  • Choose one carbohydrate instead of multiples: my favorites are either brown rice/quinoa, black beans or tortillas. Go with a bowl and cut out the tortillas all together!

Healthy Taco Bowls (or Tacos)

Makes 2 bowls or 4 tacos


1 Tbsp. Olive oil
12 oz Ground turkey
2 Tbsp Taco seasoning (I used Flavor God Taco Tuesday seasoning)
1 Cup Pico de Gallo (or salsa)
1 Cup Black beans
2/3 Cups Shredded Mexican cheese blend


4 Corn tortillas (small size)
1 Cup Brown rice (cooked)


  1. Add olive oil to pan over medium high heat. Add ground turkey and seasoning. Continue to break up with spatula until cooked through. Roughly 10 minutes.
  2. Drain and rinse black beans
  3. Cook rice according to directions (if using)
  4. Toast tortillas (if using)
  5. Divide all ingredients into 2 bowls or onto two plates (if making tacos)
  6. Top with hot sauce of your choice and a fresh squeezed lime wedge

Container count for bowls no rice: 
1 Red, 1/2 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Blue, 1 Tsp

Container count for tacos no rice: 
1 Red, 1/2 Green, 2 Yellow, 1 Blue, 1 Tsp

Container count for tacos & rice: 
1 Red, 1/2 Green, 3 Yellow, 1 Blue, 1 Tsp


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