Shift Shop: 3-Weeks to RAPID Results

Ok… I did the Ultimate Reset, a 3-week total body detox. Along with that I did yoga every day. It was amazing. I had incredible results (check them out here), but I am ready for something new! DUN DUN DUN!

I have seen the test group results (check them out yourself here) from this program, and they are INSANE. This is a 21-Day program, with multiple rounds if you want to keep building every 3 weeks.

The program alternates between cardio and strength based workouts, and also includes a core workout and mobility workout for your recovery day. Results on average range anywhere from 5-15 pounds lost, but the inches lost and muscle gain are incredible. I’m talking mom tummy to 6-pack in three weeks. W.T.F.

So what does each week look like? It’s actually super simple, and easy to follow along. THERE IS EVEN AN INDIVIDUAL MEAL PLAN ALONG WITH RECIPES PROVIDED FOR EACH WEIGHT RANGE. Literally 0 guesswork if you aren’t big on meal planning.

Week 1 your workouts are 25 minutes each, easing you into the program, getting used to the moves, and your meal plan (which, again, is completely laid out for you) consists of a healthy balance of fats, carbs and protein.

Week 2 your workouts ramp up to 35 minutes each, and are slightly more intense to make sure there are no plateaus as your body gets used to the workouts. Diet is dialed in slightly as you cut back on starchy carbs (like beans and lentils) while increasing veggies and protein.

Week 3 your workouts increase again up to 45 minutes each, and are a higher intensity than the prior week. Your diet goes through one last change, and carbs are cut back again with veggies and protein increasing.

The impact of the above is RAPID results as your body is conditioned and trained to run at its peak. There are modifiers for ALL moves, and Chris Downing, the creator and trainer is full of motivation and inspiration to keep you going every day (seriously, I’m obsessed with the guy)!

All of this can be done from home, there are no special foods so you can keep your grocery budget down, and when paired with Shakeology you seriously NEVER feel hungry.

If you are down to try out this program, along with 100’s of different programs
for an entire year, YOU GOTTA CONSIDER joining my annual bootcamp. Accountability, FUN, daily check-ins, meal plan and prep help, fitness tips and a seriously AMAZING group of incredible people to cheer you along the entire way. No more band-aids and yo-yo diets… we are all about lifestyle changes. Apply for a spot HERE!





Weekly Meals & Workouts: Jan 30th-Feb 5th


I’m going to begin posting my weekly workouts and meal plans to give you an idea of how I’m moving and what I eat every day!

Meal Plan – Week of 1/30/17
Weekly Workout Schedule – Week of 1/30/17

The meal plan follows the 21 Day Fix program which is all about portion control and eating the right foods to fuel your body.

On the workout calendar I have added the additional supplements I take on top of my food. The three are:

  • Energize – a preworkout formula taken before you workout to give you a boost and help with muscle recovery.
  • Recover – a protein recovery drink taken immediately following your workout to help with soreness by targeting muscle breakdown and rebuilding.
  • Recharge – a blend of slow-release protein and BCAA’s that is taken before bed to help your muscles recover while you sleep.