Ultimate Reset: Week 1


Ok, seriously though… it really wasn’t that bad. Let me give you a quick overview of what went down in week 1, and then I’ll lay out some pros and cons. Spoiler alert: I’ve already seen a pretty big change in my body and on the scale, but I’m keeping results secret until day 22!


Week 1: Overview –

I started out week 1 a little earlier than Monday morning by making a shopping list of everything I needed and reviewing the guidebook. I’ll be honest, there is a lot to take in, but once you start actually doing the reset it becomes a lot easier. There is also a website specific to those who have purchased the reset with shopping lists, guides, etc. It makes it a lot easier.

I had to stray from my usual Safeway grocery store, and venture to Whole Foods to find some of the more obscure items (Tempeh, Miso Paste, Nori Gomasio, etc.)–there were swaps you could make if you didn’t want to purchase the weird stuff, but I figured if I was doing this, I might as well follow it 100%.

Meal prep was a little hard. All of the dinners are different, and I didn’t have the energy to pre-make all of them. I determined I would suck it up and make dinner fresh every night. I did prep things like brown rice, quinoa, overnight oats and lunch salads. Breakfast was pretty easy… think oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, and didn’t require prep.


I portioned out the supplements into individual ziploc baggies, along with my snacks (vegan chocolate Shakeology) and included the dandy little guide. I put it all in a super cute Ipsy bag (finally found a use for one), and figured I’d keep it in my purse of lunch bag at all times so I would be prepared regardless of where I was. I got out a cute reusable travel water cup and always had a shaker bottle on me so I could whip up my snack on the go. I determined I’d just become a bag lady for the next 21 days. *no shame*

I set alarms in my phone for all the different supplements I’d need to take, along with my meal and snack times. You’re pretty much ALWAYS taking something, drinking something, mixing something… so the alarms are KEY.

I have to say I THOROUGHLY enjoyed all the food I ate in week 1! I tried some recipes I would have never tried otherwise (nori tempeh rolls, zucchini cashew soup, roasted root medley… to name a few). I was never tired, even without my daily multiple servings of caffeine, and food honestly tasted more flavorful! I’m not sure why, but I’m enjoying it.

Overall, week 1 was pretty easy. No cravings, no hunger pains, no bad feelings. A little FOMO on the team lunches, midday milk tea run and happy hour drinks… but nothing I can’t live without for a few weeks.



  • I feel so much more awake and clear. No caffeine and I honestly have more energy than I usually do (HOW?!?!).
  • I have really enjoyed all the new recipes. These are foods I would have not usually tried. I will be posting them periodically here on my blog. Some are already up!
  • I am not hungry, and have literally had barely any cravings!
  • I’m enjoying eating breakfast at home before work, which is something I’ve never done before. It’s a nice way to start the day.
  • Weekends are always my downfall, but on Reset it’s all planned out for you. I like having my food prepped and ready to go for the weekend. It makes staying on track easy.
  • I’m so much more hydrated than usual. Hydration is something I struggle with, but on Reset it’s like Rule #1, so I’ve been paying closer attention. I think this is a positive habit that will stick post-Reset.



  • I miss my normal workouts. I love lifting and I like HIIT. Basically I like hard workouts. Working out is discouraged during the Reset; however, yoga is acceptable. I’ve been following along with the 3-Week Yoga retreat on Beachbody on Demand. While it’s a nice change, it’s not fulfilling my workout craving.
  • I miss going out to eat. Eating out is part of our family dynamic. We get Mexican food at a restaurant after church on Sunday’s, and generally go out for sushi on Saturday or Friday night. I feel a little disconnected from family time.
  • I miss my meal prep, and not having to cook dinners. Coming home from work and then going into the kitchen to make a full meal is a little draining. I generally keep my preps easy and simple to cut back on all the work that goes into them, and the Ultimate Reset requires A LOT OF WORK.
  • Dishes. Dishes EVERYWHERE.
  • After a long week I enjoy a drink. I’m not dying over it, but I do miss my glass of champs (or 3… or bottle).


I’ll check back in with you all post Week 2 to let you know how it goes,
but lookout for some recipe posts in the meantime! 


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