How to Create Your Vision Board


One of the most important steps to success is having a vision of what you are working towards. A vision board is a visual representation of your BIG, SCARY goals and aspirations. It should showcase images that will push you forward, and keep you on track.

I went months without creating a vision board for myself because I didn’t know where to start. I googled, read blogs, listened to podcasts… I did everything trying to figure out how to make the PERFECT vision board. Of course, all this did was stall my progress. So finally, I sat down, did a brain dump, printed out some pictures and pinned them up. Is it perfect? No. Are the pictures the prettiest ones out there? No. BUT it gets me off my butt every morning, and pushes me to work hard every night. Remember, progress, not perfection.

So how do you make a vision board? It’s pretty simple! Just follow the steps below:

1. Get a pen and paper and spend 10 minutes doing a BRAIN DUMP of all of your big, scary goals, dreams and aspirations. This can be ANYTHING from a dream Christian Louboutin closet, to a winter vacation cabin in the mountains, to a weekly $$$ goal, to a goal weight! Here are some areas/goals to think about:

  • Family
  • Home
  • Travel
  • Income
  • Fitness/health
  • Work/business
  • Hobbies

2. Now that you have some concrete goals, get on google and find images that match up with them! For instance, one of my goals is to become a 5-star Diamond Coach in my business, so I found an image of five diamonds to depict that goal. If you can’t find a good image, open a Word document and type out your goal and add a fun font and color. One thing I typed out was “Pay Off Mortgage”! I made it bold and pink to make it more ME.

3. Print and cut out all of your images or text, and adhere them to a board that you WILL hang in a place in your home you view daily. I hung mine in my home office/gym because it’s the first room I go into every morning! What a FANTASTIC way to wake up! Below are links to the board and pins I used to make my vision board:
Cork Bulletin Board
Pink Push Pins

4. Add other important items to your board that you’ll see daily. I personally have my first half marathon medal, a weekly weight tracker where I can record my progress, my current workout program calendar and my business goals worksheet. These are extras that are important to me, and that I want visibility to DAILY. Putting them in a binder, or keeping them as a copy on my computer doesn’t make it REAL enough for me. Here are the links to the blank worksheets I mentioned above. Feel free to make your own, or find ones that are more tailored to you. Pinterest is amazing for this!
Goals Worksheet
Weight Tracker

5. Hang your board up and SLAY!!! Wake up. Kick ass. REPEAT.

I want to see pictures of your boards. Post below in the comments or email me at!


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