21 Day Fix Sample Meal Plan

I am such a planner. I like to write everything out ahead of time before I start my week. On Saturday or Sunday I sit down and make a plan for what I’m going to eat for the week, and what workouts I’ll be doing. This process takes me about 15-20 minutes, and I actually enjoy it! I love thinking about all the future meals I’ll be having… fat kid at heart over here.

Ok – what should your plan look like? Let me break it down!

  1. Print out a few of these HANDY 21 Day Fix Meal Planner Templates.
    21 Day Fix Meal Planner Template
  2. Know your calorie target and how many containers you get per day. If you have questions about this message me or your coach!
  3. Plan out your meals and count the containers for each meal so you hit your goal for the day. Tip: I like to write in my breakfast, lunch and dinner first and then use my snacks to fill up on any missing containers.
  4. Make a plan for each day of the week, so you are prepared! Don’t neglect to plan out your weekend! It’s one of the hardest times to stay on track. Tip: I like to do the same plan for 2-3 days to keep the guesswork out, and make meal prep easier.
  5. Make a grocery list of ingredients you need for you meals.

Below is one of my personal sample meal plans. I typically will follow this plan Monday-Friday to keep my weekdays as simple as possible. Weekends tend to be a little more fun as I’ll usually cook family breakfasts, and we eat out at least one of the two nights!

21 Day Fix Meal Planner_Sample 1



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