BTS PRO by 66 Audio: Bluetooth Headphone Review

bts-pro-1I was on the hunt for some Bluetooth headphones that not only delivered fantastic sound quality, but also wore well throughout all types of workouts, which included the training I was doing for my second half marathon.

I received a lot of feedback from friends and family, and, of course, Beats led the pack. I don’t know if I’m biased (maybe I’m totally missing out), but the mainstream push behind the brand along with the high price tag left a bad taste in my mouth.

I instead ended up going with the BTS PRO headphones by 66 Audio. I really liked how they wrapped around your ears for a secure hold, and that they were light and not clunky for my runs and HIIT workouts. They promised 40 hours of continuous playback with 400 hours of standby power and 100 feet of range. They also fold down so they’re compact for travel, which is something I do often!


When I first received the headphones I was very delighted by the look and feel of the packaging… AKA these would make a great gift! The packaging evoked a high end feel, was very clean, well thought out and the instruction made it simple to get started right away. The headphones also came with a zip case and USB charging cable.

As I said earlier, these wore very well. I have used them through long distance run workouts, HIIT/plyo exercises and weightlifting. I have had no issues whatsoever with the fit or the headphones moving during wear.

Aside from fit my BIGGEST pro with these headphones is the battery life. I wore these on multiple long distance flights, through a little over a month of daily workouts, and while at work when I needed to power through project deadlines… AND I NEVER CHARGED THEM ONCE!

These headphones retail for $129.99 which is a nice little savings over the big bad Beats competition. You might not be getting the flashy branding, but the look and functionality of these headphones can’t be beat for the price.

You can purchase them here!

Happy listening!


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