Core De Force + Piyo + Yoga Retreat Hybrid Schedule


A challenger reached out looking for a hybrid plan to incorporate Beachbody’s newest program, Core De Force, along with Piyo and some yoga as she’s working through an injury.

Core De Force is an MMA based workout program that uses only body weight (i.e. no weights, no equipment) to sculpt and shred your body! There are modifiers for any moves that involve jumping or impact.

Piyo is a really amazing low-impact, but high-insensity program that utilizes Pilates and yoga-inspired moves that help you burn fat and sculpt lead muscles.

Finally, the 3 Week Yoga Retreat is an amazing program that starts out teaching the fundamentals of yoga throughout a 3-week progressive program with new yoga workouts every day of the week.

This calendar is great for anyone recovering from a minor injury or looking for a plan that is lower impact, but will still help you get AMAZING results.

Core De Force + Piyo + Yoga Hybrid Schedule

Interested in getting access to all of the programs? Send me a MESSAGE or click HERE for more info!


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